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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Little League and Pony Baseball?
Primary features that distinguish PONY baseball from Little League baseball are:

Scaled Diamonds - Up until and including age 12, Little League players play on a 60-foot diamond.  From 13 on, the players use 90-foot diamonds. PONY baseball, on the other hand, scales the size of the diamond to match the physical capabilities of the players. The dimensions for PONY baseball are:

35-foot bases for Tiny-T (3½ -4 year olds)
50-foot bases for Shetland (5-6 year olds)
50-foot bases for Pinto (7-8 year olds)
60-foot bases for Mustang (9-10 year olds)
70-foot bases for Bronco (11-12 year olds)
80-foot bases for Pony (13-14 year olds)
90-foot bases for Colt & Palomino (Not available in LMBA)

Rules More Like Major League Baseball
The scaled diamonds allow for baseball more similar to the Major Leagues. For example, at the Mustang level and above, base runners can lead off and steal. (As a result, pitchers learn how to pitch from the stretch, hold runners on base, and are accountable for balks.) There are no lead offs in Little League rules until age 13. Additonally, in Little League there are sliding restrictions as well as bat size restrictions.

Age Groups - Pony teams are grouped in two year age increments, from ages 5 through 14. Most Little League organizations divide players by skill level into groups with three-year differences between players. LMBA accepts players from 3½ to 14.

What do my registration league fees cover?
Your registration fees cover a Major League replica team jersey, team cap, trophy, team photos, and accident insurance. The items you will need to supply are: baseball pants, cleats, and baseball glove. Optional items that you can purchase may include: baseball sleeves, baseball socks, batting gloves, bats, personal batting helmet, helmet cage, and equipment bag. These items can be costly, but the price can often be offset by any money that is collected from sponsors. We suggest that you consult your team's manager for suggestions and recommendations. One piece of equipment that the league highly recommends is an athletic supporter and cup.

We want to play in LMBA but live outside La Mirada.
The City of La Mirada has a written policy called the "Usage Agreement" that all youth sports leagues, using city facilities, must adhere to. The agreement states that our league, and others, must maintain 75% residency in order to use the facilities. If you do not agree with the policy there is nothing LMBA can do to help you. You must voice your concerns directly with the City of La Mirada.

All City meetings are open to the public unless they are special sessions, and the agendas are posted throughout the city at least 72 hours prior to any meetings. 
City council meetings are on Tuesdays; Community Services meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month; and LMAC meetings are on the second Tuesday.

How often are practices and games scheduled?
Each team arranges their own practice schedules. On average teams practice one to two times per week. When the season officially starts, teams will have one game during the week and one game on Saturday. Your child's manager will provide you with a game schedule and game times. If you cannot make it to a practice or game for any reason you should inform your child's manager, coach or other team representative.

Is baseball a dangerous sport?
Baseball, although fun, can cause injury. The most common injuries associated with Pony baseball are; abrasions, scrapes, bruises, and sprains. There is, however, risk of more serious injury. We realize that a baseball is a hard object and that it can cause injury to someone that it hits. Therefore we use "safety balls" in the Tiny-T & Shetland divisions. A "safety ball" is a softer version of a baseball.

I don't know much about baseball. How can I help my child get better?
One of the great things about baseball is, you don't need to know much to have fun and learn. Playing catch is probably the best thing you can do with your child. As you and your child feel more comfortable you can introduce other drills. If you do not have an area to practice hitting you can always visit the "Batting Cages". Consult your manager about batting cages in your area.

I've seen adults get out of hand. Does this happen in LMBA?
The LMBA and City of La Mirada enforces a "Youth Sports Code of Conduct". Depending on how severly an adult violates the code of conduct determines how they are handled. A minor offense may warrant a written warning or possible probation. A more severe offense would probably result in expulsion from the league. A copy of the "Youth Sports Code of Conduct" is on our website as well as our player application.

If my child is a beginner is he/she going to sit out while more experienced players play the whole game?
No. In LMBA all disvisions participate in free subsitution and no child can sit out for consecutive innings. For additional information you can consult your child's manager and/or commissioner.

What can I do if I think a manager/coach is unfair or mistreating my child or any child?
If you feel comfortable enough, speaking with the manager/coach is fine. Many misunderstandings are handled this way. If you are uncomfortable or dissatisfied, you can speak with the commisioner of your child's division or a league officer. Additionally, you may want to address your concerns in a letter to the league President. A WRITTEN complaint addressed/received by the League is the best way to expedite the review of the complaint and it provides LMBA with documentation for future reference.

What about food and drinks?
The LMBA has a well stocked snack bar located on the north side of the ladies' restroom next to field #3. Items for sale at the snack bar include soda, sport drinks, water, coffee, hamburgers, hotdogs, and a large assortment of candy. Best of all, it's all reasonably priced.

Can I bring alcohol to the games?
NO. Alcohol is not allowed at the LMBA's games or practices. Alcohol is also prohibited at all of the City parks in La Mirada.

Can I smoke at the games?
No. LMBA's games are played on fields leased from the Norwalk-La Mirada School District and are therefore located in a "Tobacco-Free Zone". The use of "smokeless" tobacco (Skoal, Copenhagen, etc.) is also prohibited. Everyone, PARTICULARLY Managers and Coaches, is asked to refrain from using tobacco while at practice and/or games.
Can I bring my pet to the park?
Although we think dogs and other pets are cute, they are not allowed at Los Coyotes during games or practices. Please leave your pets at home.

Where do I park?
A limited amount of parking is available adjacent to the Pony Field (just North of Rosecrans) as well as at the West side of Los Coyotes school (along Mercado). A suggestion: Arrive EARLY for your scheduled game. A short walk may be necessary to reach the field. Note: All areas outside of marked parking stalls are considered fire lanes and you will receive a citation issued by the City.
How long is LMBA's season?
Teams for the spring season are usually formed around Feb 1st. Opening day is usually the first Saturday in March. The season is usually over by Memorial Day.
Our winter ball season usuall starts in mid-Sept and goes ten weeks ending the Sunday before Thanksgiving (10 games total on Sundays only).