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LMBA All Stars


Each year LMBA managers vote on players to represent All Star teams in their respective divisions. To be voted or selected to be on an All Star team is a very high honor. It means a player has shown the highest ability and stood out beyond the other players.

All Star teams should be viewed as a seperate entity from the regular recreational league play. It can be regarded as a seperate season in many respects. With that in mind, All Star teams and games are funded seperately from the donations raised during the recreational season.

Player eligibilty is based on several factors;
A. Player must live within boundaries.
B. Player's ability.
C. Commitment to the team.
D. Commitment to fundraising.
E. Amount of votes a player receives.
F. Disciplinary Actions.
G. Previous lack of commitment.

A. Player must live within boundaries.
PONY Inc. rules state that All Star players must live within the boundaries of the league to be eligible.

B. Player's Ability: Although all children in LMBA may be considered for All Star play, it is the managers of the division to rank a child's ability accordingly. Generally, player's that offer good baseball skills will receive the highest number of votes.

C. Player's Commitment: All children in LMBA may be considered for All Star selections provided the parents assure the league that the family can make a bona fide commitment to practices and games. The league goes to great expense adn effort to field teams for All Star play and it is not fair to other players or the coaching staff if players can not make it to team activities because of parent commitments to work or a child's commitment to another sport or team.

D. Commitment to fundraising: Being selected to an All Star team is a great privilege and honor for a player. This privilege also comes with a price tag. As a parent(s) of an All Star player you will be required to participate in fundraising activites to offset the costs to the league's general fund. LMBA will be co-hosting a fireworks stand during the first week of July and All Star parents will be required to work at least one shift. Parents should also keep in mind that there will be out of pocket costs.

E. Amount of votes: Each player is placed on a list according to the number of votes received by all managers in the division. The top 9 to 12 players are placed on the team. Typically there are approximately two selections the All Star manager may make from the remaining players.

F. Disciplinary Actions: Disciplinary actions that a player or parents receive during the regular playing season may hinder a child's ability to be placed on an All Star team.

G. Previous lack of commitment: Any player or parents that failed to meet commitments in a previous season of All Star play may not be eligible for the current year All Star team.

The above information is a basic overview.

All Star Teams

Once your child is selected to an All Star team you will be contacted by the All Star team manager or team parent. They will need to obtain uniform information, set a practice schedule, obtain individual player photos, birth certificate, and residency information for the All Star book.

All Star teams generally practice far more than the regular team your child was on. The amount of practices varries from manager to manager but you should be prepared for 2-5 times a week until games start.

The league pays for two (2) tournaments. One tournament is considered a "Pre-Tournament" and prepares the players for the "Sanctioned Division Tounament." Depending on funding your team may choose to enter additional tournaments in preparation for the Sanctioned Division Tournament. If your team does well they may advance to the "Section Tournament" or further. You should be prepared to commit until August.

LMBA will attempt to field teams in the following divisions;