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General Information

Golf Carts

Our golf carts are a precious resource. We don't miss them until we need them and they are out of commisison. The golf carts are to be operated by licensed drivers only who are conducting official league business. The carts are not for personal or team hauling gear to and from your car. They are not for transporting parents around or giving rides to the kids.

The carts we have are deceptively powerful and can seriously injure someone if they are operated in a careless manner.  When leaving the cart unattended you MUST turn off the key, engage the "kill" switch, put the forward/reverse lever in neutral, and apply the parking brake. For whatever reason kids have a fascination for the golf carts and love to play on them. In the wrong hands the carts are dangerous and can cause serious injuries. Please ask the children of your team, or any child for that matter, to stay off of them.


We have good umpires in our league and they do a good job. Keep in mind though, they are human and make errors occasionally. Please do not badger them. If you have an issue with a particular umpire you may address your concern in writing with your Commissioner. He will discuss the matter with the Umpire Chief to see if something can be corrected.

Managers/Team Parents - If a game must be rescheduled it is VERY important thay you inform the snack shack coordinator and umpire chief know so that they can alter their schedules. This will allow the snack shack to be properly staffed and the game's scheduled umpire to know that he is not needed. This is important, because when an umpire arrives for a game that has been rescheduled - and he has not been previously notified -  the league is still required to pay him.

Fence, Equipment, and Field Care

On game days you will need to set up and break down the field you are playing on. Setting up requires that you chalk the field, set the bases, and set up the fences. At the end of the game you’ll need to take down the fences, put away bases where they belong, and water the field & mound. When it comes to tearing down the field please be sure to roll the fences tightly and in one direction. Do not roll them from both ends forming something that looks like a hot dog bun. This makes storing them and setting them up for the next game difficult. Please make sure the other equipment you use gets put away. We have lost hoses, rakes, shovels and more because they were left out over night.

If you need to drag an infield please do not drive the cart faster than walking speed. If you drive fast the infield dirt will be thrown to the outer edges of the field causing berms or lips. If your field already has a berm or lip you can reduce it with the water hose. Just direct the nozzle from the grass toward the dirt and wash the berm  out like carpet. You will notice that, over time, they will go away and the field will flatten out.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

LMBA leases the Los Coyotes Athletic Facility from the City of La Mirada and the city leases the park from the Norwalk/La Mirada School District. Both of the afore mentioned entities have the right to revoke our lease if we don't keep the park clean and take care of it.

The Good:
The City of La Mirada only charges us $1 per season to use the facility. They mow the grass, water the grass, repair the fences, empty the trash cans, and more.

The Bad:
Trash is bad. Keeping the park trash free is, in large part, our responsibility. Please do not leave your trash on the bleachers or throw it on the ground. In the end someone has to pick it up. We all like playing at a clean park so please pick up after yourself.

The Ugly:
Please keep the bathrooms from getting ugly. The school janitorial staff cleans the bathrooms Monday-Friday. However, on weekends they are not on duty and the bathrooms can get pretty messy. Please pick up after yourself in the bathrooms and leave it clean for the next person. We would hate to lose our bathroom privileges.


Finding good parking spots at Los Coyotes has been an issue for many years and there is no solution. The parking lots only have so many parking stalls and we can't make more. If you or your parents don't find a good spot it doesn't mean you can just park anywhere.

There are 3 locations we can park for Los Coyotes; First is the main lot adjacent to field #1. The second is the lot in front of the school on Mercado. Third is street parking. If you park legally in any of these areas you will not receive a parking citation. However, if you or your parents choose to park outside of marked parking stalls they will receive a ticket and the vehicle may be removed. All areas not marked as parking stalls are considered fire lanes.