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2008 All Star Teams

2008 All Stars

Pre-Tournament Stats:

District Stats:

Pre-Tournament in Garden Grove:
LM vs. Newport Harbor (W) 6-0
LM vs. Fullerton (W) 13-0
LM vs. Placentia (W) 3-2
LM vs. Fountain Valley (L) 4-8
LM vs. Garden Grove (W) 6-5
LM vs. Los Alamitos (L) 0-4

District in Placentia:
LM vs. Irvine (W) 8-7
LM vs. Placentia (W) 3-2
LM vs. Irvine (L) 0-10
LM vs. Placentia (L) 2-3
** 3rd. Place District 3. Did not advance to Section

Pre-Tournament in Los Alammitos:
LM vs. East Long Beach (W) 6-5
LM vs. Los Alamitos (L) 5-8
LM vs. Anaheim (W) 3-1
LM vs. Fountain Valley (W) 6-3
LM vs. Anaheim (W) 3-2

District in Placentia:
LM vs. Irvine (W) 14-2
LM vs. Placentia (W) 16-4
LM vs. Irvine (L) 7-13
LM vs. Placentia  (W) 14-4
** Runner-up. Advanced to Section in Los Alamitos.

Section in Los Alamitos:
LM vs. Los Alamitos (W) 10-8
LM vs. Whittier (W) 4-2
Championship game Tues, 7/22 at 5:00pm

Mustang's current All Star record 9-2 (.818)

Pre-Tournament in Los Alamitos:

District Stats:
LM vs. Fountain Valley (L) 4-18
LM vs. Tustin (W) 7-5
LM vs. ? (L)
** Did not advance to Section.

Pre-Tournament in Santa Fe Springs:
LM vs. Fountain Valley (W) 8 - 2
LM vs. Norwalk (W) 8 - 2
LM vs. Fountain Valley (W) 17 - 4
LM vs. Norwalk (W) 7 - 6
LM vs. Pico Rivera (W) 8 - 0

Pre-Tournament in Rowland Heights:
LM vs. So Cal Storm (W) 12-4
LM vs. East LA Blue Jays (W) 8-1
LM vs. West Covina All Stars (W) 6-2
LM vs. So Cal Storm (W) 4-0

*Note: Pony has an undefeated pre-tournament record outscoring opponents 78-21

District in Los Alamitos:
LM vs. Fountain Valley (W) 14-2
LM vs. Anaheim (L) 1-11
LM vs. Los Alamitos (W) 10-0
** Runner up. Advanced to Section in Los Alamitos

Section in Los Alamitos:
LM vs. Cypress (W) 5-2
LM vs. Placentia (L) 6-2
LM vs. Cypress (L) 2-4 
** Did not advance.

Pony's All Star record is 12-3 (.800)

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All Star News

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